A Family Is a House Book (Faculty180)

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  • Pearson, Dustin K


  • <p><span>Pearson’s debut </span><a href="https://www.crpress.org/shop/millennial-roost/">Millenial Roost</a><span>, with an introduction by Jericho Brown, introduced us to a master transmogrifier. In this surreal follow-up collection he investigates the architectural implications of inheritance—how the human body houses the violence of its forebears. </span><em>A Family Is a House</em><span> is a blueprint, a guide to the logical structures and spaces we build in our minds: sometimes to keep our secrets in, sometimes to keep the horrors out. Pearson offers us an answer to the toughest question: what happens when our secrets are our horrors? We build, compartmentalize, and quarantine. We refract, reflect, demolish, and burn. This is a book about the oldest partition—that thin wall between the dark and the light. This is a book about bravery, about severing oneself from a lineage of abuse. When the hands that feed us also beat us, we must beat them back with the gifts we’ve been given. Through Pearson, we relearn that language can be weaponized into a kind of magic that saves us.</span></p>

publication date

  • 2019


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