EGb761 ameliorates the formation of foam cells by regulating the expression of SR-A and ABCA1: role of haem oxygenase-1 Article (Faculty180)

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  • Tsai, Jin- Y; Su, Kuo- H; Shyue, Song- K; Kou, Yu R; Yu, Yuan- B; Hsiao, S H; Chiang, A N; Wu, Yuh- L; Ching, Li- C; Lee, Tzong- S


  • Accumulation of foam cells in the intima is a hallmark of early-stage atherosclerotic lesions. Ginkgo biloba extract (EGb761) has been reported to exert anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties in atherosclerosis, yet the significance and the molecular mechanisms of action of EGb761 in the formation of macrophage foam cells are not fully understood.


publication date

  • 2010

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  • 415

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