Sequence and characterization of pvuIIR, the PvuII endonuclease gene, and of pvuIIC, its regulatory gene Article (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Tao, T; Blumenthal, R M


  • An open reading frame partially overlaps pvuIIR, and genetic evidence implies that this open reading frame, named pvuIIC, specifies a positive regulator of pvuIIR (T. Tao, J. C. Bourne, and R. M. Blumenthal, J. Bacteriol. 173:1367-1375, 1991). Inducible constructs of pvuIIC produced a protein of the expected size. The site of C.PvuII action appears to lie within pvuIIC itself; thus, pvuIIC may be a self-contained regulatory cassette.

publication date

  • 1992

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  • 3395

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