A Role for N6-Methyladenine in DNA Damage Repair Article (Faculty180)

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  • Zhang, Xing; Blumenthal, Robert M; Cheng, Xiaodong


  • The leading cause of mutation due to oxidative damage is 8-oxo-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-oxoG) mispairing with adenine (Ade), which can occur in two ways. First, guanine of a G:C DNA base pair can be oxidized. If not repaired in time, DNA polymerases can mispair Ade with 8-oxoG in the template. This 8-oxoG:A can be repaired by enzymes that remove Ade opposite to template 8-oxoG, or 8-oxoG opposite to Cyt. Second, free 8-oxo-dGTP can be misincorporated by DNA polymerases into DNA opposite template Ade. However, there is no known repair activity that removes 8-oxoG opposite to template Ade. We suggest that a major role of N6-methyladenine in mammalian DNA is minimizing incorporation of 8-oxoG opposite to Ade by DNA polymerases following adduct formation.

publication date

  • 2021

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