Gene pvuIIW: a possible modulator of PvuII endonuclease subunit association Article (Faculty180)

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  • Adams, G M; Blumenthal, R M


  • The PvuII restriction-modification system has been found to contain three genes which code for a DNA methyltransferase (MTase), a restriction endonuclease (ENase) and a small protein required for expression of the ENase-encoding gene. In addition, there is a small open reading frame (ORF) within and opposite to the MTase-encoding gene. The region containing this ORF is transcribed, and the ORF has an excellent Shine-Dalgarno sequence with an ATA start codon. A closely related ORF is present in the SmaI system. The 28-amino-acid (aa) predicted peptide from the PvuII ORF resembles a region of the PvuII ENase at the dimer interface. We have cloned this ORF, giving it an ATG start codon and putting it under the control of an inducible promoter: induction leads to a slight but significant decrease in restriction of bacteriophage lambda. We also have obtained the 28-aa synthetic peptide, and are exploring the possibility that it modulates ENase subunit association. While this peptide has no detectable effect on dimeric PvuII ENase, it inhibits renaturation of urea-denatured ENase in a concentration-dependent manner. The ORF may represent an additional safeguard during establishment of the PvuII restriction-modification system in a new host cell, helping to delay the appearance of active ENase dimers, while the MTase accumulates and protects the host chromosome.

publication date

  • 1995

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