Blending the Entrepreneurial Mindset into a Learning Module with a HVAC Design Project: Pilot Implementation Presentation (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Cioc, Carmen; Haughton, Noela A; Cioc, Sorin


  • The authors implemented the KEEN’s Framework for Entrepreneurial Mindset Learning into an Applied Fluid Mechanics course within a Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) program. The four-credit senior level course, which has lecture (three credits) and lab (one credit) components, covers topics such as pipeline systems, pump selection, and flow if air in ducts. This collaboration between engineering and education faculty builds upon the knowledge gained from the summer 2020 Integrating Curriculum with Entrepreneurial Mindset (ICE) workshop, and focuses on fusing Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value (the 3C’s) throughout the Flow of Air in Ducts learning module, including an HVAC design project. New lectures and assignments covering topics related to HVAC industry were added to the learning module curriculum. An existing HVAC design project was revised and updated to incorporate EM learning outcomes. The project required students to complement the in-class learning with: i) content knowledge learned from previous courses; ii) independent research using credible sources; and iii) a proposed HVAC design. New project deliverables were related to project economics and the environmental and societal impacts of the proposed design. Students delivered a written report, in several stages, and presented their proposed solutions to their peers. The classmates reviewed and graded the proposal including the quality of the presentation. Pre- and post- project surveys, students’ feedback, and formal direct assessments were used to analyze the effectiveness of the proposed strategy. Findings support the use of the updated KEEN’s 3C’s learning module to facilitate students’ understanding of the technical content and development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Results also satisfy the latest ABET student learning outcomes, and increase the students’ preparedness for the workforce.

publication date

  • 2022

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