Intracellular detection of singlet oxygen using fluorescent nanosensors Article (Faculty180)

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  • Nath, Peuli; Hamadna, Sameer Sayel S; Karamchand, Leshern; Foster, John; Kopelman, Raoul; Amar, Jacques G; Ray, Aniruddha


  • Detection of singlet oxygen is of great importance for a range of therapeutic applications, particularly photodynamic therapy, plasma therapy and also during photo-endosomolytic activity. Here we present a novel method of intracellular detection of singlet oxygen using biocompatible polymeric nanosensors, encapsulating the organic fluorescent dye, Singlet Oxygen Sensor Green (SOSG) within its hydrophobic core. The singlet oxygen detection efficiency of the nanosensors was quantified experimentally by treating them with a plasma source and these results were further validated by using Monte Carlo simulations. The change in fluorescence intensity of the nanosensors serves as a metric to detect singlet oxygen in the local micro-environment inside mammalian cancer cells. We used these nanosensors for monitoring singlet oxygen inside endosomes and lysosomes of cancer cells, during cold plasma therapy, using a room-temperature Helium plasma jet.


publication date

  • 2021

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