Towards a non-anthropocentric aesthetics of environmental balance and change

cited authors

  • Zeigler, Eric R; Ellison, Aaron M


  • Welcome to the 14th international summer conference of the International Institute of Applied Aesthetics (IIAA). The city of Lahti (Finland) has provided venues for the summer conference during past years. In 2021, the conference is hosted in relation to Lahti – The European Green Capital 2021. The conference is organized, for the first time, online. We invite scholars, artists, and other professionals working with environmental issues, as well as everyone interested in the intersection of aesthetics and environmental crises, to join the three-day online conference. Environments and human living conditions are undergoing drastic changes both locally and globally due to human activity. We face challenges that make it difficult to live meaningful and ecologically sustainable lives. We build our identities and pursue experiences in numerous, ecologically harmful ways. In this situation, feelings of helplessness, distress, and fear are common. It seems we do not have practices for constructively sharing the burden of encountering global environmental change. At the same time, the effects of climate change have not fully reached environmental aesthetics. Philosophers have written very little on aesthetics and climate change. Aesthetic values, sensibility, and imagination are important factors for mitigating environmental problems. We need these perspectives to be able to redefine the everyday, enrich our perception, and to look for new ways of being and doing.


publication date

  • 2021