North American Solitaire Stent Retriever Acute Stroke registry: post-marketing revascularization and clinical outcome results Article (Faculty180)

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  • Zaidat, Osama O O; Castonguay, Ali C; Gupta, Rishi; Sun, Chung-Huan J; Martin, Coleman; Holloway, William E; Mueller-Kronast, Nils; English, Joey D; Linfante, Italo; Dabus, Guilherme; Malisch, Tim W; Marden, Fr A; Bozorgchami, Hormozd; Xavier, Andrew; Rai, Ansaar T; Froehler, Michael T; Badruddin, Aamir; Nguyen, Tha N; Taqi, M A; Abraham, Michael G; Janardhan, Vallabh; Shaltoni, Hashem; Novakovic, Roberta; Yoo, Albert J; Abou-Chebl, Alex; Chen, Peng R; Britz, Gavin W; Kaushal, Ritesh; Nanda, Ashish; Issa, Moh A; Nogueira, Raul G


  • Limited post-marketing data exist on the use of the Solitaire FR device in clinical practice. The North American Solitaire Stent Retriever Acute Stroke (NASA) registry aimed to assess the real world performance of the Solitaire FR device in contrast with the results from the SWIFT (Solitaire with the Intention for Thrombectomy) and TREVO 2 (Trevo versus Merci retrievers for thrombectomy revascularization of large vessel occlusions in acute ischemic stroke) trials.

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  • 2018

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