Special issue proposal // Reflection and reflexivity: Changing personal epistemologies in teaching and teacher education. Other Scholarly Work (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Feucht, Florian C; Lunn Brownlee, Jo; Schraw, Gregory


  • ACCEPTANCE To place a special issue in the Educational Psychologist Journal a special issue must be submitted for peer-review. We needed to revise our proposal twice to get accepted into the journal. All manuscripts in the special issue then are double-blind peer reviewed by external reviewers (including Introduction and commentaries). We lost one manuscript because it did not meet expectations. The journal enjoys the highest rank in the field of education. For more details see the letter supplied by the journal editor. SUMMARY The benefit of the special issue is to bring together internationally renowned researchers in the area of teachers’ reflection/reflexivity and personal epistemology to (a) summarize the contributions of the literature, (b) identify strategies for new theory, research, and measurement, and (c) discuss ways that teacher’s epistemic cognition can be changed to improve teacher reflection/reflexivity and classroom practices through reflexive activities. The three proposing guest editors feel this work is germane to the teacher beliefs literature, but also to a variety of other research topics related to self-awareness, reflective change, and best practices in the classroom by teachers and students. We believe this would make a vibrant “real time” knowledge contribution, leading to knowledge translation that could promote change in teachers’ epistemic cognition. With this special issue, it is also our intent to voice a compelling argument in the field of teaching and teacher education to recognize the relevance of epistemic cognition as a critical issue for teacher training and classroom education, which in turn may lead to the adoption of this topic into applied/ educational psychology textbooks and course work of student teacher programs.

publication date

  • 2016