Use of concept maps to facilitate student learning in research and measurement courses. Chapter (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Feucht, Florian C; Marchand, Gwen; Olafson, Lori


  • This chapter introduces concept maps as visual displays that researchers can use to depict processes and outcomes of research and concept mapping as an instructional tool that instructors can use to foster graduate students’ learning in doctoral research method courses. In the context of a theory-driven typology of visual displays, we describe the nature of concept maps and their use to facilitate student learning. Two applications of concept maps are provided to illustrate these ideas: (1) creating visual models of research designs in an advanced qualitative research course and, (2) facilitating shared understanding of research designs in an evaluation research method course. The use of concept maps between the two courses is compared and contrasted and the chapter concludes with general recommendations for practice.

publication date

  • 2015


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  • 207

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  • 234