Kidney Transplants From a Deceased Donor After 11 Days of Venovenous Hemodialysis Article (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Choubey, Ankur P; Ekwenna, Obi; Rees, Michael; Ortiz, Jorge


  • There have been several studies exploring the viability of kidneys procured from extended criteria donors with acute kidney injury. Previous publications have evaluated the long-term outcomes of kidneys after acute kidney injury. We describe the case of 2 transplants from a donor with acute renal failure after a motor vehicle accident. The donor required 11 days of venovenous hemodialysis before procurement. There have not been any previous reports of donations following such a prolonged period of dialysis. The kidneys were shared across organ procurement organization service areas and had cold ischemia times of 32 hours and 26 hours. Both recipients had delayed graft function. One recipient had several complications that required multiple readmission for treatment. At last follow-up, both transplanted organs were functioning adequately and producing urine. This case report presents a novel opportunity to understand the extent of possible kidney transplant after acute kidney injury.


publication date

  • 2020