Global Kidney Exchange Should Expand Wisely Article (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Roth, Alvin E; Marino, Ignazio R; Ekwenna, Obi; Dunn, Ty B; Paloyo, Siegf R; Tan, Miguel; Correa-Rotter, Ricardo; Kuhr, Chri S; Marsh, Christopher L; Ortiz, Jorge; Testa, Giuliano; Sindhwani, Puneet; Segev, Dorry L; Rogers, Jeffrey; Punch, Jeffrey D; Forbes, Ra C; Zimmerman, Mich A; Ellis, Matthew J; Rege, Aparna; Basagoitia, Laura; Krawiec, Kimberly D; Rees, Mich A


  • We read with great interest and appreciation the careful consideration and analysis by Ambagtsheer et al. of the most critical ethical objections to Global Kidney Exchange (GKE). Ambagtsheer et al. conclude that implementation of GKE is a means to increase access to transplantation ethically and effectively. These conclusions by their European Society of Transplantation (ESOT) committee on Ethical, Legal and Psychological Aspects of Transplantation (ELPAT) represent a step forward toward a greater understanding and an open, honest debate about GKE.


publication date

  • 2020