Amniotic fluid B12, calcium, and lead levels associated with neural tube defects Article (Faculty180)

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  • Dawson, E B; Evans, D R; Harris, W A; Van Hook, J W


  • The group mean differences and relationships between folate, B12, calcium, lead, and methionine levels in amniotic fluid from 29 non-NTD and 11 NTD pregnancies (15-20 weeks' gestation age) were determined. The study population was predominantly Hispanic in both groups (48% in non-NTD and 36% in NTD group) with an average maternal age of 29 years in the non-NTD group and 24 years in the NTD group; and, an average gestation age of 18.5 weeks in the non-NTD and 17.5 weeks in the NTD group. The folate, B12, lead, calcium, and methionine levels of the two groups were compared by Student's t-test and by Pearson's correlation. The NTD levels were lower for calcium (p< or =0.0001), B12 (p< or =0.001), and methionine (P< or =0.001); but, the lead level was higher (p< or =0.0001). A negative correlation was observed between lead and both B12 (p< or =0.007) and methionine (p< or =0.02).

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  • 1999

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