The Bridge: Experiments in Science & Art : A Cross Disciplinary Residency Program Other Scholarly Work (Faculty180)

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  • Zeigler, Eric R


  • The Bridge: Experiments in Science & Art a cross-disciplinary residency program What is cross-disciplinary collaboration? Collaboration between the arts and sciences is an increasingly popular notion, described as the solution to our 21st century problems. It is one of the many tangible ways in which art and science can productively interact. Collaborating can generate new ideas and provide new perspectives which can lead to innovation in existing fields or the creation of new ones. But what does collaboration mean? What does it look like, and how does it function? Is it possible to have a two-way collaborative street, or does that even matter? Can art influence science, as science often influences art? These are some of the many questions our program asks. The form, process, and results of each team’s collaboration are entirely up to them. "The Bridge" will serve as the first documentation of the full and natural collaborative process between artists and scientists. About "The Bridge" "The Bridge" is a four-month long virtual residency program that runs from September through January. Matched based on fitness from an open call application, each pair is comprised of professionals who are in the arts, the sciences, or both. Residents are required to keep a weekly blog on their activity and projects, documenting the collaborative process over time. In four months, residents accomplish as much as is natural to their synergy; some pairs end their work together at the conclusion of the residency, some pairs continue to their work indefinitely. As a virtual residency program, collaborative potential is not limited by geography. Process and projects unfold physically where residents are located, and virtually online through resident's blogs. Why four months? True collaboration takes time, often much longer than four months. But in a four month period, the beginnings of a quality collaboration can manifest. It is our aim to foster this potential, produce interesting and unique projects, and cultivate individuals who can act as experienced cross-disciplinary collaboration experts in our culture at large following their residency. Any projects created by residents, at any point during or following the residency period, are supported by SciArt Initiative. Who can apply? "The Bridge" is open internationally to artists, scientists, technologists, and creative professionals. Applications open every June, for our September - January residency period.


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  • 2020

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