"Did MKUlra Transform Storied Geographer William ("Wild Bill") Bunge into a Defenestrator?" Conference Poster (Faculty180)

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  • Nemeth, David J; Panozzo, Kimberly; Kaplan, David B; Chohaney, Michael


  • In November of 2017 a graduate student from Oklahoma State inspired this thread by writing me to ask, "I have been tasked with ascertaining the validity of a certain 'geographer's urban legend" and I was told through some investigation that you might be the person to ask. I am trying to figure out the real story of Dr. Bill Bunge, or more specifically, did he throw an unruly student from a window? William Bunge wrote in "Perspective on Theoretical Geography" (AAG Annals, March, 1979, p. 172) that there is "a constant attempt to discredit my work by discussion of my personality, which, contrary to my detractors, is innately cheerful and outgoing as evidenced by my popularity with most of my fares driving taxi cab. At best, discussion of personality arises in a context of ethics and at worst in a buzzing, poisonous gossip. For instance, a right-wing student upset about class warfare threw me through a small window in class and this turned around in conversation into the canard that I had thrown the student through a large window. Blame the victim!" Bill Bunge (1979: 172) therefore asserted in an academic journal that he did not throw an unruly student from a window. However, Mario Bunge (2016) has recently reported that Bill was not of sound mind and body at the time he made this assertion. This is because his health and sanity were permanently impaired during CIA-funded MK Ultra's mind-control experiments conducted on Bill when he was under treatment at the Allan Memorial Institute of Mental Health at McGill University. And so, this is where we stand after several months of discussion in response to my own question "Did MKUltra transform storied American geographer William 'Wild Bill' Bunge into a defenestrator?"


publication date

  • 2018