Halogen-Bond-Induced Consecutive Csp3–H Aminations via Hydrogen Atom Transfer Relay Strategy Article (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Wu, Fan; Ariyarathna, Jeewani P; Kaur, Navdeep; Alom, Nur-E; Kennell, Maureen L; Bassiouni, Omar H; Li, Wei


  • The utilization of a halogen bond in a number of chemical fields is well-known. Surprisingly, the incorporation of this useful noncovalent interaction in chemical reaction engineering is rare. We disclose here an uncommon use of halogen bonding to induce intermolecular Csp3–H amination while enabling a hydrogen atom transfer relay strategy to access privileged pyrrolidine structures directly from alkanes. Mechanistic studies support the presence of multiple halogen bond interactions at distinct reaction stages.


publication date

  • 2020

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  • 2135

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  • 2140


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