Regioselective Formal [3+2] Cycloadditions of Urea Substrates with Activated and Unactivated Olefins for Intermolecular Olefin Aminooxygenation Article (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Wu, Fan; Alom, Nur-E; Ariyarathna, Jeewani; Naß, Johannes; Li, Wei


  • A new class of intermolecular olefin aminooxygenation reaction is described. This reaction utilizes the classic halonium intermediate as a regio‐ and stereochemical template to accomplish the selective oxyamination of both activated and unactivated alkenes. Notably, urea chemical feedstock can be directly introduced as the N and O source and a simple iodide salt can be utilized as the catalyst. This formal [3+2] cycloaddition process provides a highly modular entry to a range of useful heterocyclic products with excellent selectivity and functional‐group tolerance.


publication date

  • 2019

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  • 11676

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