Hydrogel Nanoparticles with Thermally Controlled Drug Release Article (Faculty180)

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  • Shirakura, Teppei; Kelson, Taylor J; Ray, Aniruddha; Malyarenko, Antonina E; Kopelman, Raoul


  • Improving the therapeutic efficacy and reducing systemic side effects of drugs is an important aspect in chemotherapy. The strategy presented here is the use of cisplatin loaded, temperature-sensitive, hydrogel nanoparticles (CisPt-NPs) and their ability to deliver and release chemodrugs selectively, based on thermal stimuli. The specially synthesized CisPt-NPs show a temperature-dependent increase of cisplatin release, at neutral pH (as in blood and normal tissue), in both the presence and absence of common metallic ions, as well as at the low pH found in lysosomes, where endocytosed NPs often localize. These CisPt-NPs were uptaken by breast cancer MDA-MB-435 cells, via endocytosis, and then mostly localized in the lysosomes. The in vitro cytotoxicity tests show that these CisPt-NPs have a significantly better efficacy at the slightly elevated temperatures. Potential applications are discussed.


publication date

  • 2014

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