Simultaneous multi-wavelength oscillation of Nd laser around 1.3 mum: A potential source for coherent terahertz generation Article (Faculty180)

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  • Saha, Ardhendu; Ray, Aniruddha; Mukhopadhyay, Sourabh; Sinha, Nandita; Datta, Prasanta K; Dutta, Pranab K


  • Simultaneous oscillations of 1318.8nm, 1320.0nm, 1332.6nm, 1335.0nm, 1338.2nm and 1339.0nm in a side, pulsed-diode-laser-array pumped Nd:YAG laser is realized for both free running and Q-switched operation. An average power of 1.1W is obtained for an absorbed pump power of 7.1W with an effective optical slope efficiency of 33%. The difference frequency interactions among these wavelengths may be used to generate radiation in the range 0.13-3.43THz. With the two most intense lines at 1318.8nm and 1338.2nm, it is possible to generate coherent radiation at 3.3THz with numerically estimated peak power of 0.21W in a 1.5mm thick GaSe crystal.


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  • 2006

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