Chemical and cytokine features of innate immunity characterize serum and tissue profiles in inflammatory bowel disease Article (Web of Science)


  • Significance Our study investigates chemical damage associated with chronic inflammation and relates these macromolecular damage products to inflammatory bowel disease activity. Using mice as a model system, we show that chronic inflammatory responses that are common to mice and humans produce similar types and quantities of damage products in both species. Additional analysis of signaling molecules in the serum and tissue of diseased samples highlights the role of the innate immune response in the overall pathology of inflammatory bowel disease.


  • Knutson, Charles G.
  • Mangerich, Aswin
  • Zeng, Yu
  • Raczynski, Arkadiusz R.
  • Liberman, Rosa G.
  • Kang, Pilsoo
  • Ye, Wenjie
  • Prestwich, Erin G
  • Lu, Kun
  • Wishnok, John S.
  • Korzenik, Joshua R.
  • Wogan, Gerald N.
  • Fox, James G.
  • Dedon, Peter C.
  • Tannenbaum, Steven R.

publication date

  • 2013


  • 110


  • 26