Development of Experimental Set-Up to Simulate High Velocity Low Amplitude Spinal Manipulations to Validate Finite Element Models Proceedings Paper (Web of Science)


  • The authors have developed experimental set-up to simulate chiropractic high velocity low amplitude spinal manipulations (HVLA SM) used for treating low back pain. The experimental set-up was used to test fresh unembalmed lumbar spinal specimens Our experimental-set-up simulated HVLA SM manipulations such as doctors hand contact, anatomical locations of load application, durations of load, magnitudes of load. The results from the experimental set-up are used to validate finite element models that simulated HVLA SM.


  • Gudavalli, Maruti Ram
  • Xia, Ting
  • Goel, Vijay K
  • Qin, Yi-Xian
  • Sozio, Randall
  • Pickar, Joel G.

publication date

  • 2013

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 13

  • 9780791856000