Cartilage and Synovium of the Peroneocuboid Joint: An Anatomic and Histological Study Article (Web of Science)


  • The surface area, thickness, and composition of the articular cartilage of the peroneocuboid articulation and the location of the synovium were investigated in 15 cadaver foot specimens. The articulations of the medial side of the peroneus longus tendon and lateral side of the cuboid were covered with fibrous and hyaline cartilages, respectively. On the lateral tuberosity of the cuboid, there is a facet that has 79.37±20.24 mm2 articular cartilage area with an oval shape to conform to that of the articular surface of the peroneus longus tendon (articular cartilage area, 67.35±28.53 mm2) with which it articulates. The mean thickness of the articular cartilage of the peroneus longus tendon and cuboid was 0.34±0.08 and 0.52±0.07 mm, respectively. The peroneocuboid joint has its own joint capsule. The synovial cavity does not communicate with the sheath of the peroneus longus tendon. Synovial membranes were attached to the margins of the articular surfaces of the cuboid immediately peripheral to the cartilage region.


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