Public Attitudes on Transgender Military Service: The Role of Gender Article (Web of Science)


  • Policy regarding the inclusion of transgender soldiers in the U.S. Military has shifted back and forth in recent years, with public opinion likely a significant factor shaping the eventual policy outcome. As such, this study examines the factors that shape public attitudes toward military service by transgender people. In particular, we examine the influence of sex, social gender roles, and attitudes toward gender in shaping transgender military service attitudes. Further, we hypothesize that personal experiences with the military and with transgender people, along with values, personality predispositions, and religion, are likely to influence individual attitudes. We test these hypotheses using data from a unique October 2015 national survey of American adults. The results suggest that personal experiences, attitudes toward gender roles, and religion have substantial but sometimes conditional effects on attitudes toward military service by transgender people.


  • Lewis, Daniel C.
  • Tadlock, Barry L.
  • Flores, Andrew R.
  • Haider-Markel, Donald P.
  • Miller, Patrick R.
  • Taylor, Jami K

publication date

  • 2021

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