When a Sibling Has Disability: Exploring the Experiences of Youth and Young Adults Through Photovoice Meeting Abstract (Web of Science)


  • Abstract Date Presented 04/06/19 Photovoice was used as a participatory tool to document how the experience of having a sibling with developmental disability influenced the lives of well siblings. Data were collected from three cohorts: young child, adolescent, and young adult well siblings. Six major themes arose: (1) normalcy, (2) challenges, (3) support, (4) learned, (5) similarities, and (6) happiness. Primary Author and Speaker: Alexia Metz Contributing Authors: Sarah Hayes, Kristy Bernard, Dianna Temple, Briana Klingle


  • Metz, Alexia E
  • Hayes, Sarah
  • Bernard, Kristy
  • Temple, Dianna
  • Klingle, Briana

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  • 2019

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