Microplane modeling of shape memory alloy tubes under tension, torsion, and proportional tension–torsion loading Article (Web of Science)


  • In this study, a three-dimensional thermomechanical constitutive model based on the microplane theory is proposed to simulate the behavior of shape memory alloy tubes. The three-dimensional model is implemented in ABAQUS by employing a user material subroutine. In order to validate the model, the numerical results of this approach are compared with new experimental findings for a NiTi superelastic torque tube under tension, pure torsion, and proportional tension–torsion performed in stress- and strain-controlled manners. The numerical and experimental results are in agreement indicating the capability of the proposed microplane model in capturing the behavior of shape memory alloy tubes. This model is capable of predicting both superelasticity and shape memory effect by providing closed-form relationships for calculating the strain components in terms of the stress components.


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  • 2015

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