Functional expression of the cDNA encoded by the human ATP1AL1 gene Article (Web of Science)


  • The human ATP1AL1 gene encodes a protein expressed in brain, kidney, and skin and that is highly homologous to the recently cloned nongastric isoforms of H-K-adenosinetriphosphatase H-K-ATPase). We have generated polyclonal antibodies against the protein encoded by ATP1AL1 and used them to monitor the protein's expression and distribution in transfection studies. The protein was retained in the endplasmic reticulum when it was transiently expressed alone in COS cells. In COS cells cotransfected with ATP1AL1 plus gastric H-K-ATPase beta-subunit cDNAs (ATP1AL1-gH-K beta), both proteins reached the surface. Stably transfected lines of HEK 293 cells expressing both of these proteins demonstrate a 86Rb+ uptake activity sensitive to both 2-methyl,8-(phenylmeoxy)imidazo(1,2-a)pyridine 3-acetonitrile (SCH-28080) and ouabain (inhibitory constants of approximately 131 and 42 microM, respectively). Outward proton fluxes were measured in the same cells as the spontaneous intracellular pH (pHi) recovery in Cells loaded with a pH-sensitive dye [2',7'-bis(carboxyethyl)-5(6)-carboxyfluorescein] and subjected to acid loading through an NH4Cl pulse. The cells expressing both the ATP1AL1-encoded protein and the gastric H-K-ATPase beta-subunit possess a net acid extrusion activity that can be inhibited by 1 mM ouabain. Comparison of the 86Rb+ influx and proton efflux, however, does not support equal H+/Rb+ exchange mediated by this pump under the conditions of pHi-monitoring experiments. Moreover, whereas the acid extrusion activity mediated by the pump shows a marked pH dependence, the 86Rb+ uptake activity present in the cells expressing the ATP1AL1-gH-K beta complex cannot be stimulated by acute lowering of pHi. These data suggest that the ATP1AL1-encoded protein is the catalytic alpha-subunit of a human K(+)-dependent ATPase. The possible implications of the discrepancy between 86Rb+ uptake and pHi monitoring data are discussed.


  • Grishin, A. V.
  • Bevensee, M. O.
  • Modyanov, Nikolai
  • Rajendran, V.
  • Boron, W. F.
  • Caplan, M. J.

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  • 1996

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