Impaired Autonomic Nervous System-Microbiome Circuit in Hypertension Review Article (Web of Science)


  • Hypertension affects an estimated 103 million Americans, yet gaps in knowledge continue to limit its successful management. Rapidly emerging evidence is linking gut dysbiosis to many disorders and diseases including hypertension. The evolution of the -omics techniques has allowed determination of the abundance and potential function of gut bacterial species by next-generation bacterial sequencing, whereas metabolomics techniques report shifts in bacterial metabolites in the systemic circulation of hypertensive patients and rodent models of hypertension. The gut microbiome and host have evolved to exist in balance and cooperation, and there is extensive crosstalk between the 2 to maintain this balance, including during regulation of blood pressure. However, an understanding of the mechanisms of dysfunctional host-microbiome interactions in hypertension is still lacking. Here, we synthesize some of our recent data with published reports and present concepts and a rationale for our emerging hypothesis of a dysfunctional gut-brain axis in hypertension. Hopefully, this new information will improve the understanding of hypertension and help to address some of these knowledge gaps.


  • Zubcevic, Jasenka
  • Richards, Elaine M.
  • Yang, Tao
  • Kim, Seungbum
  • Sumners, Colin
  • Pepine, Carl J.
  • Raizada, Mohan K.

publication date

  • 2019

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