• I am proud of being an educator at the University of Toledo (UT) since August 18, 2014. During my productive six years at the UT, I have taught six different courses – two different courses in my first three years and another four different courses in my recent three years when I voluntarily stepped in to teach two “new” accounting information system (AIS) courses whose sole instructor left the UT for University of Denver in summer 2017. Focusing on capital market research, I have published 22 co-authored articles in blind peer-reviewed journals – 10 studies in English (six out of 10 studies published in B journals) and 12 papers in Chinese (eight out of 12 papers published in A journals); in addition, I have completed four co-authored working papers using proprietary datasets and targeting top journals. Bred with the mentality of giving back to society, I have provided services to our department, college, university, and community.

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  • Xiaofeng Peng


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