Jason Hibbs



  • Multi-award-winning broadcast journalist Jason Hibbs has five years of TV News Reporting experience, nearly two years of newsroom management experience, and multiple awards from every year in the industry. The recognition ranges from investigative reporting, to breaking news, and severe weather coverage. Hibbs has worked in markets across the country and has covered (and uncovered) a variety of memorable stories; a fire department that refused to put out a house fire, a hidden community of homeless people, and a self-proclaimed Islamic activist scamming a non-English-speaking Muslim community who wanted a Mosque. 
    As a hiring manager in the newsroom, Hibbs says he was bothered by the number of recent college graduates lacking basic news writing and production skills. He set out to make a difference by educating media professionals of the future. In class, he emphasizes objectivity in reporting and encourages students to look beyond the story basics, and search for the “real people” impacted by the news of the day.
    While you won’t see Hibbs on air during UT:10, you can catch him host and moderate Backstory, a monthly public affairs program on WGTE Public Media.

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  • Jason Hibbs