Job search strategies for tapping into the hidden job market and raise success rates significantly Presentation (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • O'Donnell, Amy M


  • Description 4 out of 5 jobs are never advertised. Career Professionals are charged with the responsibilty of facilitating efforts at their institutions to assure internship and job search success for students and alumni. Applying online holds a 2-10% success rate, while tapping into the hidden job market and networking your way to a desired outcome increases your liklihood to 50-80%. Teaching these networking strategies has a proven impact on building confidence for life long career management. Alumni will more likely stay connected and the stakeholder community grows. Join us to discuss, learn and implement hidden job search strategies for the benefit of all. Learning Outcomes -Appreciate the components and benefits of tapping into the hidden job market. -Learn specific strategies for teaching pro-active job search. -Develop communication takeaways to teach job seekers for lifelong career management.

publication date

  • 2021