“Teresa Dean: A Trickster Wandering Far and Near in Search of Common Wisdom” Article (Faculty180)

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  • Kilmer, Paulette D


  • Teresa Howard Dean was an early master of the rising art of human-interest writing, but her adventurous nature drew her to cover subjects sometimes dangerous and other times very down to earth. She covered the Lakota Sioux shortly after Wounded Knee, for instance, but then wrote about the reactions of ordinary people to the Chicago World’s Fair. Eventually she would become a household name and cover the Spanish-American War, rebellions in Mexico and Cuba, and the Boxer Rebellion in China. This study finds Howard to represent Jung’s trickster and wanderer archetypes, as during Howard’s journeys she sought personal enlightenment but oInly within the boundaries of contemporaneous middle-class customs and norms.

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  • 2016

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