Information Signaling of Superior Supply Chain Management Capability Presentation (Faculty180)

cited authors

  • Ghosh, Suvankar; Thornton, John H; Yip, Yewmun


  • We treat the disclosure of Gartner's opinion of the top 25 companies in supply chain management (SCM) as a possible signal of superior SCM capability. This list of the top 25 companies in SCM is also referred to as the SCT25. We develop a modified form of the event study methodology to assess the veracity and value of this signal as an indicator of a firm's strength in managing the supply chain. The development of a new form of event study methodology is necessary because of the controvertible nature of the SCT25 information. The SCT25 represents Gartner's opinion of the best companies in SCM. This is not factual information such as an earnings report. Other analysts may well have a different opinion. Using our methodology, we find that although Gartner's method of identifying the best companies in SCM may have been sound in the past, it may need some updating if it is to find the best companies in SCM today.

publication date

  • 2018

presented at event