Transesterification of Triglycerides by CaO: Increase of the Reaction Rate by Biodiesel Addition Article (Faculty180)

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  • Granados, M. L.; Alonso, D. M.; Alba-Rubio, A. C.; Mariscal, R.; Ojeda, M.; Brettes, P.


  • A simple procedure has been found that significantly promotes the transesterification reaction rate catalyzed by CaO and moreover prevents the catalyst poisoning by ambient CO2 and H2O. The presence of a small amount of biodiesel in the initial methanol−triglyceride mixture (3 wt % referred to oil) results in a significant increase of the rate of triglyceride methanolysis carried out in a batch reactor. The biodiesel must be previously mixed with the activated CaO, forming a paste. The formation of such a paste also results in a remarkable protection of the activated CaO against the poisoning by ambient CO2 and H2O that may occur during handling of the activated solid.

publication date

  • 2009

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